Our girls live in a double ferret kingdom and the boys are in a single ferret kingdom. The girls have two levels and move between them as they wish. The boys are all together in the single. I use Allpet Deluxe Rat Cages (called Mamble cages overseas) as maternity cages until the babies are 5 weeks old. After that they move into the adults’ cages until they go to new homes at 7-8 weeks old so that they can get used to being with big rats. My cages are ever changing but you can usually see the most current set up on the facebook page.

Here is a video of a somewhat recent cage set up (when we had lots of pairing going on as well as a litter in the nest)

The ratties LOVE out time and they have a permanent play table set up that I change around every few days so they get lots of variety.

They’re regularly given the opportunity to dig around in their dig boxes and play in the water, which most of them love. Out time is often when they get extra yum – but messy – food, like corn on the cob.

The cages themselves have deep pans filled with pine shavings so they can dig around whenever they like, as well as litter trays containing recycled paper litter that they’re mostly pretty good about using.

The rats have lots of places to sleep and chill out, including sputniks, hammocks, igloos, and tunnels.

If they want to do some zooming they have as much open floor area as I can manage in their cages as well as wobust wodnet wheels to really get some miles in.

They get number a number of enrichment toys like pumice, natural and commercial chews, nuts in the shell, fruit and veg kabobs and things to shred.

Maternity cages are kept simple for the first few weeks so that mums can focus on their babies. They have a deep bedding of shavings and lots of nesting material (mainly paper towels) which they stuff into an igloo. When the babies are 3 weeks old they get hammocks and things to climb. They also start getting a wide variety of food so that they don’t grow into fussy adults.