Name: Scruffians Fairie
Colour: Silverfawn berkshire
Date of Birth: 15/04/19

Fairie is the zoomy one of her siblings. She’s a bit of a nutter, though still young so I’m sure she’ll calm down a bit, and is always on the go. Shes very (very very) confident and will go off on big explors by herself. When she was teeny she was always the first one to try new things, which meant she got lost under the bed a few times!

Name: Scruffians Sonar
Colour: Buff Self (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: 21/04/19

Sonar is my partners rat. She was a very weird looking child but has grown up to be a bit more normal looking. She has inherited her granddad Scribble’s squinty eyes which make her look like she’s constantly scheming. She is very cuddly with people, but is a force to be reckoned with with her friends!

Name: Scruffians Penny
Colour: Fawn Self (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: 24/02/19

Penny is one of my more laid back ladies. She’s the kind of sweetheart that goes all floppy when you pick her up. She likes zooming round, but loves treats more, and never a fuss with her friends.

Name: Scruffians Phoenix
Colour: Fawn Self (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: 24/02/19

Penny’s sister Phoenix is much bigger and much bossier than she is. Phoenix is a beautiful silver fawn and is always up to mischief. She prefers exploring and fun over hanging with people but will run up for a quick pat and a treat before she’s off on her next adventure..

Name: House of Kahn Fox
Colour: Cinnamon hood (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 12/09/19

Fox is a special ‘double outcross’ fluffy, meaning he is a fluffy but isn’t super closely related to most other fluffies. He is a confident, smoochy boy, who settled in easy with the others and is a busy little bee during play time.

Name: house of Kahn Yoshi
Colour: Buff hood (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 13/10/19

Yoshi is a bit more of a homebody than his half brother Fox. He is a big snuggler and often just goes to sleep on my shoulder while the others play. He is very very soft for a boy rat and has the sweetest hamstery face.

Name: Scruffians Maple (Map)
Colour: Black hood
Date of Birth: 08/01/19

Map is super active and full of beans. She’s always the first to shoot out of the cage for play time and usually one of the last to put herslef away for a nap too. She’s more into exploring than people at the moment but she is lovely and cuddly when she’s worn out. 

Name: Scruffians Harper
Colour: Agouti berkshire
Date of Birth: 27/03/18

Harper is my best and bravest explorer. She’s and active little girl who gets into EVERYTHING and is constantly up to mischief.  She is such a sweetie though it’s easy to forgive her for all the chaos she causes.

Name: Scruffians Kowhai
Colour: Fawn splitcap (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 13/06/18

Kowhai is a ralaxed, zero trouble, kind of girl. She is brave but not silly. She will always be one of the first to explore new places or things, but she doesn’t rush into anything and isn’t at all crazy. She is a bit of a snuggler, and loves ear scratches.

Name: Scruffians Volta
Colour: Cinnamon hood (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: 05/05/19

NOT DEAD – JUST MOVED OUT 🙂 Volta was meant to go to his new home in Wellington but managed to get out of his carrier and lived, loose, on the pet bus for over a month before he was caught and returned to me. After that terrifying adventure I told him he was never leaving home again, that turned out to be a lie though as one of my past adopters needed someone to even out a werid power dynamic between her two boys, so now he lives in Hamilton.

Name: House of Kahn Darwin
Colour: Black Hood (fluffy)
Date of Birth: /19

Darwin is a chunky fluffy boy with and extra long, slightly curly, coat. He’s usually waiting at the door for a pat and likes exploring – cautiously because hes pretty big and not very coordinated!

Name: Scruffians Icarus
Colour: Fawn berkshire
Date of Birth: 30/03/18

Rus is a squishy teddy bear of a rat. He is lazy and floppy and sweet and will happily sit on a knee and watch a whole movie without getting bored. He is sensitive with his cage mates, never picking fights or causing trouble which makes him an ideal buddy for the older boys.

Name: Scruffians Wednesday
Colour: Black Splitcap
Date of Birth: 10/06/19

Wednesday came back home after she was a bit of a bully to the rats she was living with. She was no trouble in with my lot (and was fine with the girls at the rattery she stayed at on her way home too) so I suspect it was just a personality clash rather than her being actually nasty. She was much less bossy than her little sister Wicket!

Name: Scruffians Wicket
Colour: Black Variberk
Date of Birth: 10/06/19

Wicket grew up to be a teeny ball of crazy! She was always the first to zoom out for play time and would follow me around the rat room when she was out, watching and sometimes jumping onto my head! She was very people orientated and could sometimes be a bit much for her more laid back friends.

Name: Scruffians Flux
Colour: Black Berkshire
Date of Birth: 30/11/17

Flux was one of my favourites. She was a perfect mix of bouncy energy with a super squishy personality. She was one of those lovely ratties who goes limp and is totally relaxed when you picked her up but she was also always up for some intense hand wrestling .

Name: House of Kahn Tesla
Colour: Black capped with headspot
Date of Birth: 20/02/18

Tesla was a funny little girl. She loveed hanging out with people and never wanted to go back at the end of play time. She could be a bit of a squeaky drama queen at times, but she’d never do anything to hurt her cage mates or her people.

Name: House of Kahn Aeon
Colour: Black variegated berkshire
Date of Birth: 13/12/17

Aeon was an amazingly beautiful veriberk girl. She was the sweetest little baby, went through a grumpy phase as a teenager, and then came out the other side as a relaxed, sensible adult. She was more of a rat-rat than a people rat and got on really well with all her friends .

Name: Scruffians Azreil (Az / Reily)
Colour: Black Hood
Date of Birth: 08/02/17 (approx) – 12/01/20

When he’s in a silly mood Az is a bit of a tornado, creating chaos where ever he goes. Luckily most of the time he’s a floppy, cuddly lump like his dad.

Name: Tic Tac Rats Abhinav (Boo)
Colour: Black Berkshire with Blaze
Date of Birth: 10/04/16

Boo is a quiet, sensible little guy. He’s stayed pretty small and has quite a meek personality – very gentle and calm. He looks to Az for a bit extra confidence when out of his cage and enjoys sleeping in hoods and gentle pats.

Name: House of Kahn Nimbus
Colour: Mink Berkshire
Date of Birth: 15/9/16

Nimbus was a sweetheart with a gentle, placid temperament. She was a confident and inquisitive explorer but could be shy with people she doesn’t know. She got on well with her rattie friends and was a pacifist, never picking fights even if someone stole her snacks. She was put to sleep after developing a tumor at 2 and half years.

Name: House of Kahn Kuro
Colour: Black Self
Date of Birth: 21/11/16

Kuro was a chill, relaxed lady and loved to just hang out on someone’s shoulder and watch the world go by. She was very people oriented and was usually found peering out of her cage waiting for someone to come and say hi.

Name: House of Kahn Thistle
Colour: Mink Berkshire (Fluffy)
Date of Birth: 20/06/17

Thistle is a gorgeous fluffy girl. Shes a bit of a squish, very friendly and chilled out. She has a strong personality so doesn’t like it when the others push her around but she gets on well with most of the girls and is always keen to come out for play time.

Name: Scruffians Delphi
Colour: Dove irish
Date of Birth: 30/07/17

Delphi is a very sweet little girl. She went from being a super squishy, calm little baby to a shy kid, and is now a much more confident grown up. She gets on well with all the other girls and is a bit of a social butterfly.

Name: House of Kahn Ember
Colour: Agouti splitcap
Date of Birth: 05/08/17

Ember is a firecracker. She’s very outgoingt and has boundless energy. She’s always up for a run round out of the cage and a wrestle with her friends. She has been an amazing relaxed mum to two litters and has passed her super confident nature and bug eyes on to her kids.

Name: Scruffians Artemis (Mouse)
Colour: Black Vari-berk
Date of Birth: 08/02/17 – 02/02/12

Artemis was a chilled out little lady who takes after her dad, Otter. She was confident and friendly and loved scratches and being held. She wasn’t a great example of a vari-berk but had some silvered areas and was born with a tiny head spot. She died unexpectedly of unknown causes.

Name: The Piper’s Nest Vanilla (Vanilla Bean)
Colour: Champagne Bareback
Date of Birth: 16/9/16 – 02/02/19

Bean wass a sweet girl. She’s a homebody who enjoyed nothing more than running on her wheel when she was younger,  in middle age she was more a fan of food and snoozing with her friends. She was pts after developing a tumor that was affecting her quality of life.

Name: The Piper’s Nest Muffin (Lyra)
Colour: Mink Hooded with Incomplete Blaze
Date of Birth: 8/9/16 – 02/02/19

Lyra was a cheeky girl. She was a great explorer, climber and adventurer and one of my favourites. She was independent and always the fist check out new things and venture into new areas. She was pts after her old age lead to her quality of life dropping.

Name: Scruffians Cricket
Colour: Fawn Self
Date of Birth: 20/05/17 – 10/12/18

Cricket was Nim’s and Rufio’s daughter. She was a really docile little lady, squishy and sweet. She got on well with all her friends and she loved coming out for cuddles and a zoom around and stashing food so that she could eat in peace without being hassled by the other girls. She was pts after developing neurological issues.

Name: Scruffians Rufio
Colour: Silverfawn Self
Date of Birth: 1/6/15 (approx) – 27/09/18

Rufio is Scribble’s big brother and is king of the cage. He is a big, solid boy with the most beautiful golden coat. He is more outgoing than his brother and enjoys exploring out of his cage.

Name: Tic Tac Rats Bernadette  (Luna)
Colour: Black Vari-berk
Date of Birth: //17 – 26/08/18

Luna was a super active little girl who’s always getting up to mischief. She could run circles around most of the other girls and was always super excited to come of of her cage for a run around and some hand wrestling. She was pts after she (probably?) broke her spine.

Name: Scruffians Scribble
Colour: Mink Self
Date of Birth: 1/6/15 (approx) – 26/08/18

Scribble was a gentle chunky old boy. He preferred sleeping over everything else and gets on with everybody. He was a petshop rat and didn’t have a lot of handling when he was little but would put up with anything in a long suffering way. He waspts after his old age caught up to him.

Name:Scruffians Blink
 Black Hooded
Date of Birth: 1/3/16 (approx) – 14/07/18

Blink was an inquisitive little lady. She was always quick to meet you at the door of the cage and loved to have her head stroked. She was super confident, active and fun to play with. She was pts after developing a tumor that was affecting her quality of life.

Name: The Piper’s Nest Poppet (Dusky)
Colour: Mink Berkshire
Date of Birth: 10/10/15 – 14/07/18

Dusky was a beautiful blue grey colour. She was very laid back and prefered snoozing in her hammock over exploring out of her cage. She was kind and gentle and very patient with the boisterous younger rats. She was pts after suffering a stroke.

Name: Scruffians George
Colour: Argente Bareback
Date of Birth: 01/02/16 (approx) – 02/11/17

George was Fred’s big brother. He was a bit of a homebody and loved sleeping and scratches above all else. Like Fred, he was wonderfully friendly and gave kisses whenever someone patted him.He was pts after his old age caught up to him and his quality of life started dropping.

Name: Scruffians Fred
Colour: Argente Bareback with Balze
Date of Birth: 01/02/16 (approx) – 06/01/17

Fred was a very handsome blazed boy who is survived by his kids with Mouse – hopefully the start of our line of blazed rats. He was friendly with everyone and loved cuddles out of the cage and taking his food to bed.He was pts after his old age caught up to him and his quality of life started dropping.

Name: Scruffians Otter
Colour: Black Berkshire
Date of Birth: 1/5/15 (approx) – 30/10/17

Otter was the loveliest, most snugly boy and the reason I started breeding. He loved people and would give endless licks in exchange for ear rubs. He was like a rag doll cat in the way he went limp when you picked him up.He was pts after his old age caught up to him and his quality of life started dropping.