Our Rats


Name: Scruffians Lark
Colour: Mink hood
Date of Birth: 14/09/18

Lark is a fun, busy little girl. She’s not the most friendly, but she’s a big improvement on her mum (Tesla) and is happy to be picked up and get head scratches. She’s very clever  and confident and is usually the first to figure out new toys and explore new areas. 

Name: Scruffians Owl
Colour: Agouti hood
Date of Birth: 19/01/19

Owl is a very sweet little girl, a real squish like her mum. She’s has lots of her grannies fire though and will cheerfully try to wrestle the big girls even though she’s teeny and only a tenth their size. 

Name: Scruffians Raven
Colour: Fawn Self (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: 03/04/19

Raven is one of my favourites. She’s a lovely cuddly girl with a very kind and laid back attitude toward everything. She seems to wander round in her own little dream world some of the time and loves ear scratches most of all.

Name: House of Kahn Sparrow
Colour: Agouti Irish (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: /19

Sparrow is a very in-your-face lady. She is always watching and wanting to be close to people and is super fun to play with. She is one of the top dogs in the cage and keeps everyone in line and is a confidant adventurer at play time.

Name: House of Kahn Tilly
Colour: Mink Hood (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: 08/03/19

Tilly is a beautiful girl with a very tidy hood – much wider than the ones we often see in Auckland. She’s a solid wee thing, and very athletic despite being heavier than lots of my girls. She’s relatively high up in the pecking order, but rules with a gentle touch – everyone is her friend.

Name: Scruffians Stella
Colour: Buff Self (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 21/04/19

Sella is the first second generation Scruffians fluffy! She is a quiet little girl who likes hoarding treats, sleeping with her friends, and digging in the dig box. She has taken after her mum Kowhai – relaxed and happy.

Name: Scruffians Arya
Colour: Black Hood
Date of Birth: 13/09/19

I wasn’t planning on keeping any of Ayra’s litter but she got very very sick at about 3 weeks and I spent so much time looking after he I couldn’t bare to let her go. She is a placid little lady – especially compared to her mum Map – and is always keen for a cuddle and some extra attention.

Name: Scruffians Beetle (Bee)
Colour: Agouti Hood
Date of Birth: 19/09/19

Bee is a fun little girl – the spitting image of her great granny Ember, in personality as well as looks. She is a firecracker, always on the go and full of beans. She loves hand wrestling and dragging things around the play table.

Name: Scruffians Cinder
Colour: Agouti Variberk
Date of Birth: 26/09/19

Cinder was a surprise baby from an accidental litter. She is a stunning variberk, the best I’ve seen in NZ, and has a lovely personality to match, She is squishy like her dad and a fun and bouncy (but not annoying) buddy to her cage mates.

Name: House of Kahn Selkie
Colour: Agouti Hood (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 15/10/19

Selkie is a sweet little fluffy girl. She is a pacifist and can find tornadoes like Wicket a bit much, so she sticks with Ayra in the cage and likes sleeping and eating. She is a cautious explorer out of the cage, usually sticking with her friends. She loves people and will happily sleep in a sleeve all day.

Name: House of Kahn Siren
Colour: Agouti Berkshire (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 11/12/19

Siren got her name because she was a squeaky little drama llama when she was a kid! She’s mellowed out into an extra lovely girl though, calm and cuddly and oh so cute.

Name: House of Kahn Tui
Colour: Black variberk
Date of Birth: 11/12/19

Tui is Siren’s sister but couldn’t be more different in looks or personality. She’s a larger than life busy little bee – always on the go, will climb up your leg if you’re not paying her enough attention, and is always into something.

Name: Scruffians Flicker
Colour: Fawn berkshire (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 15/04/20

Little Flick is a calm, gentle little thing. She takes treats so softly and carefully and is as soft as a baby bunny. She likes to play with her sister, but is also best buddies with the old ladies and I often find her snuggled up in a pile of grannies.

Name: House of Kahn Tinker
Colour: Black Hood (Fluffy)
Date of Birth: /20


Name: House of Kahn Taffy
Colour: Mink Hood (Fluffy) (?)
Date of Birth: /20

Taffy is s busy little thing who sometimes seems to be everywhere at once. She has none of the typical fluffy dopy-ness and is quick to figure out new things and is super zoomy!

Name: Scruffians Icey
Colour: Fawn hood (headspot)
Date of Birth: /20

Icey is a laid back, no drama type girl. She gets on with everyone and never makes a fuss. She doesnt mind when her freinds steal her treats and can often be found right at the bottom of sunggle piles, have squished and with someone’s butt oin her face.

Name: Scruffians Inky
Colour: Black Vairberk
Date of Birth: /20

Inky is Icey’s much more assertive sister. She takes after her mum Beetle – she’s full of energy and loves to dig, swim, and drag things around.

Name: Scruffians Juice
Colour: Agout Berkshire (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: /20

Juice is Siren’s Daughter and takes after her in looks as well as personality, she went from being a wiggly dont-touch-me teenager to a calm, loving adult who runs up as soon as anyone goes into the rat room. 

Name: Scruffians Jiffy
Colour: Agouti Berkshire
Date of Birth: /20

Jiffy isn’t the most social of ladies and is a pet-only girl at this point. She often yells when she gets picked up and usually likes to watch people rather than interact.

Name: House of Kahn Flox
Colour: Mink Dalmation (?)
Date of Birth: 19/12/20

Flox is a precious little jewel, a very vary rare colour that we haven’t ever seen in NZ. She’s a sweetheart too – very calm for a young one and the popular kid in her group of friends.

Name: House of Kahn Ghost
Colour: Mink Berkshire
Date of Birth: 17/08/20

Ghost is our resident shark and the reason I can’t go into the rat room with jandles on unless I want my toes getting attacked! She’s definitely not a breeding girl and will live out her days here, with me watching her out of the corner of my eye every time we’re in the same room.

Name: Winnie’s Rattery Astrid
Colour: Dove Self (Fluffy)
Date of Birth: 18/11/20

Astrid is a really really fluffy little girl – even more so than her mum’s siblings (the F litter). She is an angel with the gentlest, softest personality and the sweetest expression.

Name: White Rose Rattery Apple
Colour: Cinnimon Hood (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 21/11/20

Apache is a chunky, fun, fluff-ball who loves to dig and climb. She’s had a litter of the sweetest little fluff balls and was an amazing relaxed mother who passed on her perfect temperament to her kids.

Name: White Rose Rattery Apache
Colour: Cinnimon Self (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 21/11/20

Apache is my dig box gremlin, she LOVES tunnels and would probably live underground if she could get food delivered and didn’t have to come out for scratches.

Name: Scruffians Jelly
Colour: Black Splitcap
Date of Birth: 25/08/20

Jelly is a very busy little bee, always zooming around, collecting (and stealing) snacks, and being a ball of mischief. She’s too crazy to be a viable breeding girl, but is fun to have around!

Name: Scruffians Juniper
Colour: Black Variberk
Date of Birth: 25/08/20

Juniper is the opposite of her sister Jelly, she’s sweet, gentle, calm and snuggly. She gets on well with all her rattie friends but likes people best of all and is always up for am ear scratch and a nap in a sleeve.

Name: Scruffians Lyra
Colour: Black Eyed White
Date of Birth: 02/11/20

Lyra is a precious little black eyed white lady – a super rare colour in NZ. Shes a confident risk taker and loves to climb right up to the top of the rat room and look down on her domain. She’s sweet and friendly with people and will do nearly anything for a treat. 

Name: Scruffians Nemo
Colour: Black Variberk
Date of Birth: 02/01/21

Nemo is still growing into herself and can be a little bit shy sometimes. One on one she’s lovely, but she tends to get a bit overwhelmed with the activity of all the girls and wont push to the front for attention very often.

Name: Scruffians Otterly
Colour: Dove Self
Date of Birth: 12/02/21

Otterly is my social star – she helps look after babies, is totally trustworthy with new rats, and is calm and gentle with people. She’s a great rat ambassador and has a model girl-rat personaily.

Name: Scruffians Onyx
Colour: Black Irish
Date of Birth: 12/02/21

Onyx is Otterly’s slightly more wild little sister, shes zoomy and playful and fun – but definitely not for the faint hearted! She’s a great escape artist and is the kind of girl who HAS to explore every new thing right away.

Name: Scruffians Leia
Colour: Pink Eyed White
Date of Birth: 12/02/21

Even though Leia is one of my younger girls, she’s an old soul. She prefers to hang with the more mature, sensible girls than the silly kids her own age and has a slow, gentle personality.


Name: Scruffians Nicodemus (Dee)
Colour: Black blazed variberk
Date of Birth: 19/01/19

Nicodemus is what I’ve been breeding towards for 2 years – the most amazing blazed variberk. He is stunning. He’s a bit reserved like his dad but sometimes shows some of his mum’s spunk. He is an old soul who likes shoulder rides and food.

Name: Scruffians Orion
Colour: Black variberk
Date of Birth: 19/01/19

Orion is a very good looking variberk like his half brother Nicodemus. His mum (Harper) is one of my nicest girls and he seems to have inherited some of her lovely friendly personality. He’s a little boy and has stayed quite small and sleek.

Name: Scruffians Dio
Colour: Cinnamon berkshire
Date of Birth: 18/12/20

Dio is the oldest boy of my very favourite rat Rus. He is similar to his dad, but with a bit more omph so he likes to explore and zoom around as well as be a bit of a sunggler. He doesn’t like drama and will hide if anyone so much as looks at him funny.

Name: White Rose Rattery Galahad
Colour: Fawn Self (carrying fluffy)
Date of Birth: /12/19

Galahad was in a pet home from most of his life but then was returned when his person could no longer care for him. I feel very lucky to have him with me and he is such a nice boy, super friendly and sweet like his Dad Rus.

Name: Scruffians Erebus
Colour: Fawn hood (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 14/04/20

Erebus came from a family of 3 boys and has always been a bit of a chunklett. He loves nothing more than eating and snoozing with his little half brothers Forest and Fish.

Name: Scruffians Forest
Colour: Fawn berkshire (fluffy)
Date of Birth: 15/04/20

Forest is a playful, bouncy little man who popcorns all over the place and loves to hand wrestle. He tucks his feet beautifully when you pick him up and is a sweetheart with his cage mates.

Name: Scruffians Fish
Colour: Fawn berkshire (fluffy, teeny headspot)
Date of Birth: 15/04/20

Fish is my secret favourite of the 3 brothers. He’s a squish, becomes a jelly noodle when you pick him up, and zooms to the cage door whenever you come near. He’s extra soft (even for a fluffy) and so handsome.

Name: Scruffians Hiroshi
Colour: Fawn hood (fluffy carrier)
Date of Birth: 15/06/20

Hero is a bouncy, happy little dude. He’s quite a bit smaller than his fluffy brothers and runs curcles around them during play time. He’s a gentle boy though, and loves all his buddies (Even Squid who likes to wrestle him!)

Name: Scruffians Goose
Colour: Agouti Berkshire
Date of Birth: 08/06/20

Goose is an out-cross form my markings line and is a calm, sensible, self contained fellow. I was worried he was a bit too shy to make the cut for breeding when he was younger but as he’s grown up he’s come out of his shell a lot and is now a bit of a snuggle bug.

Name: House of Kahn Squid
Colour: Mink Variberk
Date of Birth: //20

Squidy is the result of a collaboration between Scruffians and HOK – he’s one of Dee’s sons and is LOVELY. He’s my go-to boy when I want to introduce rats to kids because he’s such a squish. He can be a bit physical with his cage mates sometimes but it’s all in fun and he loves meeting new rats.

Name: Scruffians Newt
Colour: Agouti Splicap
Date of Birth: 02/01/21

Newt’s parents are my two most impressively marked rats – Dee and Cinder. He is a cute little split cap who – I hope – carries the genes to make all sorts of markings. He’s a fun, bouncy little guy, very people oriented and confident.

Name: Scruffians R2D2
Colour: Black Variberk
Date of Birth: 12/02/21

R2 is a relaxed little boy like his dad Dee. He likes snoozing on top of his fluffy uncles and carrying food around until he can find the perfect spot to eat it. He has such beautiful markings and a nice head shape.

Our deceased rats are remembered here