Born 24th of February 2019
3 babies born, all alive and healthy
Fawn and silverfawn berkshires and self

All of these babies homes. If you would like to add a couple of our future babies to your family, please have a read of the adoptions page.


Father: Scruffians Echo (Nibbles) Nibbles is a snuggly, caml boy. He’s chuncky, but not overweight and very gentle and calm, even when his brother gets a bit stroppy! He’s not a big explorer but likes coming out for sleeping in hoods and ear rubs. He is a fawn fluffy.
Mother: Scruffians Kenna (from ‘I’ litter) Keena is a lovely laid back girl from one of my favourite litters. She is a bit of a squish, especially for a girl. She is apricot (silverfawn with mink genes) so has a lovely golden yellow coat.


Name: Scruffians Pax
Colour: Fawn berkshire
Gender: Male
Availability: Adopted
Name: Scruffians Newton
Colour: Fawn berkshire
Gender: Female
Availability: Retained
Name: Scruffians Nox
Colour: Silverfawn self
Gender: Female
Availability: Retained