Born 13th of June 2018
5 babies born, all alive and healthy, however one baby died at 2 weeks old (choking)
Agouti and Fawn split caps and hoods

All of these babies have homes lined up for them. If you would like to add a couple of our future babies to your family, please have a read of the adoptions page.


Father: House of Kahn Captain Planet

Captain planet is a handsome cinnamon boy, brother to our girl Nimbus. He is from the House of Kahn fluffy line and is carrying the fluffy gene. He is long, slim guy with a gentle personality like his sister.

Mother: Scruffians Ember

Ember is a very active outgoing girl, also from the  carrying the fluffy gene. She also has some marking genes and is a splitcap (quite an unusual marking in NZ) She’s little girl and is extra fluffy considering shes only carrying the gene.




Name: Scruffians Koda
Colour: Agouti splitcap (Fluffy)
Gender: Male
Availability: Adopted
Name: Scruffians Kingston
Colour: Fawn hood
Gender: Male
Availability: Deceased
Name: Scruffinas Kelvin
Colour: Agouti splitcap
Gender: Male
Availability: Adopted
Name: Scruffians Kestral
Colour: Fawn splitcap
Gender: Female
Availability: Adopted
Name: Scruffians Kowhai
Colour: Fawn splitcap (fluffy)
Gender: Female
Availability: Retained



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