Born 19th of January 2019
3 babies born, all alive and healthy
Black hood, berkshire, and blazed variberk

All of these babies have homes lined up. If you would like to add a couple of our future babies to your family, please have a read of the adoptions page.


Father: Tic Tack Rats Abhinav (Boo) Boo is a quiet, sensible little guy. He’s stayed pretty small and has quite a meek personality – very gentle and calm. He sometimes looks to his buddy Az for a bit extra confidence when out of his cage and enjoys sleeping in hoods and gentle pats. He has the super rare blaze marking which he has passed on to one of his sons.
Mother: House of Kahn Tesla Tesla is a funny little girl. She loves hanging out with people and never wants to go back at the end of play time. She can be a bit of a squeaky drama queen at times, but she’d never do anything to hurt her cage mates or her people (unless they try to steal her babies). She is a rare capped girlie and has passed on this marking to one of her sons.


Name: Scruffians Nicodemus
Colour: Black Blazed Variberk
Gender: Male
Availability: Retained
Name: Scruffians Newton
Colour: Black Splitcap
Gender: Male
Availability: Adopted
Name: Scruffians Nox
Colour: Black Berkshire
Gender: Male
Availability: Adopted